This e was discovered as the thought of the day on, October 12, 2012, attributed to Benjamin Franklin, but maybe said by Owen Feltham.

I clicked on a link to page, and found this insightful travel quote.Owen Feltham

This travel quote separates people into two groups, if this quote is true, then I am either the wiser man, or a worse fool. Being I have traveled perpetually for over 14 years this would be a poignant indictment of my life.

Did attribute this to the wrong person? They attributed it to Benjamin Franklin, but my research show that Owen Feltham said this.

In defense of myself, to discern whether I am fool or wise, then what have I learned by traveling the planet.

What I have learned from Travel?

1. Do not carte blanc trust a company or a person that I trust. And I do trust the site to an extremely high level, yet, I found it prudent to double check this quote.

2. It is not important, whether Franklin or Feltham said this quote, the quote is the insight, the intrigue, the focus. I believe a wise person stays the course, even when surrounded by confusion.

My Explanation of the Quote:

Forbes Thought Of The Day
  “ Travel makes a wise man better but a fool worse. ” 

-- Owen Feltham
-- Benjamin Franklin

It is my belief that travel teaches a wise man humility, that all beliefs we hold to be true, could one day be proven false. Therefore it is best to stay open minded, and allow others their voice, it is better to not correct, or contradict others, even a fool can be right in their opinion.

While, it is my belief that travel teaches a fool the opposite, they become imbued with arrogance, they become certain their opinons are correct, they become a worse fool.

Unfortunatly travel has lead me to believe, the percentage of fools walkng the earth is much higher than I suspected.


Andy Graham



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nabashalam from wrote 1 comment

Better add Thomas Fuller to that list also Andy!

But Feltham was the oldest... by a couple years and actually had a longer e which is: â??It is not fit that every man should travel it makes a wise man better, and a fool worse.â??

So there has always been a lot of plagiarism. Even on this site! )

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